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Aug. 11th, 2009

(no subject)

i don't want to complain but...



Aug. 10th, 2009

(no subject)

there are some freakzoids out there drilling the house down. And my boss is playing calming korean music and i have happening korean music playing through one side of my earphones. It's mad noisy down here...!

journey to work felt like 5 years today, i didn't realise it could take so long and be so tiring at the same time... half cuz all the people travelling are funny up there in their brains... -_-

LOL. Today i reached my bus stop early, like freak-out early because i wanted to catch the earlier bus only to realise that the buses don't come any earlier! Means i'll be late all my life~! (its still freaking noisy in here) And so i decided to get off the bus halfway and take the train, nearly got ran down by a godzilla auntie at the slope of the mrt (WHICH IS FOR DISABLED PEOPLE). She came bounding down the slope and i was walking upwards, too late to react. She didn't have any intention of avoiding me anyway i think, she was just ram-and-run type, so i changed strategy and attempted to trip her in the end LOL but fail la...

Train was full of funny peeps... One girl has two blusher balls of pink on her cheeks. (Syara disease!). Then there was this other dude who was a total skinhead like no eyebrows even leh!!! So fascinated, but he and his girlfriend were making out so it was awkward... they were just pecking the cheeks initially then suddenly they were eating each other's lips!? lol! Then there was an uncle who came in and started singing, or maybe he was scolding the air, but i video-ed it down for farhan to see LOL.

Then at Somerset (where i get off yo!) i realised that my boss was right in front of me, LOL! Didn't want to have to walk all that way in awkward silence so i decided to take another route instead... it was longer! So noble of me right... LOL anyway i FML-ed chrystal twice today. First one was when I got into the train and realised that there were no hot looking people in the train at all. LOL haha and second time was when she informed me that it was drizzling. (hullo people have to walk in the open all the way to workplace!). Feels so surreal to have so many people sms-ing me in the morning... (4 peeps! record breaking yo...)

While walking from the train station to work i was looking down at the traffic light then a car kinda went past and honked mad loud in my face leh! Then in my heart i was like "chee bye...." then i realised that he was honking the dude that was jay-walking in front... I take that expletive back :D I stomped my foot to chase a bird away, it flew to the left about 1 metre then made a turn and hit the ground a few steps away - right in front of me again. LOL, i can't even chase a bird away properly leh... lol...

okay back to work dudes. :D lappie is working real fast today! must be the 2 days of rest! :D


Aug. 4th, 2009

Explode Day

just read a really funny post on mallory's blog.... lalala...

I don't see how it is that i never make it to work on time or before chrystal does! So peeved with myself and bus number 14. If you're reading this post, i hope you drive a little faster bus 14 uncle. kthnxbye. haha

yesterdays meeting was really long... i came out feeling like my brain was ready to pop, soaked in prune juice for the past 3 hours... That kinda feeling... Now i know the pains of going back to school for meetings after SIP.

I woke up today with a double chin and a huge tummy. LOL, turns out i have water retention and lots of gas... haha wishes myself a happy next 8 hours, hopefully i actually get something done~! Rude shock this morning by the number of mails i actually have to go through, they should make people pay to send mails so they don't do it so blatantly... RAH ;D

Aug. 3rd, 2009

my brain hanged, sorry!

I was late for work today... AGAIN.

Yesterday i came 20 mins late for work and left 15 minutes early. Which means i wasted 35 minutes worth of time. If my boss is spying on my she should totally fire me. Haha, I'm doing more thinking nowadays, cuz the room is really uninspiring... I was just thinking about how we got where we are right now, it doesn't feel right, somethings wrong, somethings missing, but we just can't get it right... Is it normal? Is it me? I spend much too much time psyching myself out nowadays, it just doesn't seem like the right thing to do...

I pretended i didn't see the flag day girl at the traffic light today...

I saw this dude with a damn nice vest... i want.

I want to sleep more.

I managed to quash a giant pimple with shitloads of pimple cream. :D


Jul. 7th, 2009

Kinda Happy

Just got home. Long day. Majorly. Hahaha, today as i was walking home the moon was shining SO brightly i swear i could FEEL the light shining on me. :D 

Just thought i'd blog before i do anything else or before i forget whatever i wanted to blog about. Today was presentation, i've never been SO ready for a presentation before but the comments weren't really THAT positive. Could tell that Taipang was trying to be NICE but of course... i think he didn't like it... LOL

Spent the whole day being busy doing work i didn't even have time to go toilet! I was chionging to the toilet just before the AGM started! :D BTW Design AGM was the bomb. It was really the best out of all the AGMs that i've been to. :D And i was really touched by the dedication video. Haha, HWAITING. So many memories from the video leh! :D hahaha i kinda miss those days and i wish that we'd treasured each other more! :D GLuck to everyone now tho'...

I took so many picturesssss today... :D haha TAG ME YO~!

After that the SU peeps hit the lounge and i set another new high score for myself on Typing Maniac.... going to continue now, here's hoping i get another! :D 

Bernita must be my inspiration-charm. LOL while talking to her on the way home my brain just went into overdrive with so many ideas and so many new stuffs! Haha, so cool right, so happy right now i'm just gonna burst~!

Jul. 4th, 2009

lazy saturday afternoon :D

i'm feeling bloggy today so i'mma post another blog post... two in a row! :D breakthrough! haha...

APEL class today, it was the boring-est shit ever leh, but kudos to ferdie and pat for still doing their job though they know nobody really bothers about what they're talking about... I wanted to go to the library to borrow a book to read after that but didn't~! SAD, i travelled all the way home listening to my old songs on the ipod... bah

Journey home was so long! I would've slept but my contact lenses were attempting to gouge my eyeballs out so i wasn't comfortable... I did alot of thinking on the bus, about school, church, life, union... LOL but the main point is that the whole time i reduced the size on my nail on my index finger by like HALF. haha, i think that biting my nails helps my brain to work leh... hahaha 

i'm gonna continue enjoying my lazy saturday afternoon... :D doing nothing... LOL it's mother hot outside, i love pissing the heat off by sitting here in the air-con room and thinking "you can't catch me..." ... okay lame :D HAHA 

imma chunky munky

as usual, i couldn't think of a proper title to this post, hence the ugly name... :D haha

tomorrow is saturday but we all have to go back to school for APEL to listen to a certain someone talk about... well, essentially nothing conclusive at all... ~ whee ~ 

AYE today i walked into the lounge and decided to be ultra productive so i basically plugged myself up with 91.3FM and got to work for a good few hours, tho' think the excos got a little peeved cuz i wasn't smiling... HULLO DUDES not smiling doesn't mean i'm not happy okay, and vice versa... LOL but it was quite fun i think Zain got a little freaked by the whole "i'm really serious so don't talk to me" kinda thing... hahaha, poor dude... 

aye but i finished quite a load of work today, so i'm quite happy!!! 

I think there was some drama going on after that, but... i didn't know what was really going on... eventually i don't want to be the one going around bugging people to tell me what's going on, if i'm meant to know it, i'll know it eventually... lalala haha so waiting for someone to tell me now! :D hahaha i maintain that ignorance is bliss...

Jun. 16th, 2009


BLONDEGANG from illustration class... :D miss classes cuz we used to hang out! so much fun! :D i've taken the liberty to censor wyncy pointing the middle finger in the last frame... LOL!


Today i travelled all the way home from school chewing my nails to bits. It's not that i don't do that usually but usually when i bite my nails it's out of HABIT but this time i was really doing cuz i felt REALLY anxious, so i was totally conscious of the fact that i was biting... Biting my nails made me feel a little bit better about everything... I'm playing Corrine May on my iTunes now cuz my soul needs calming... haha

Today was such a pointless day i could not find anymore meaning to the pointlessness... I went to school, waited around... filmed for DSC agm... waited around... then went to lounge to hang out and help out... waited around... bothered DSC people abit to find out when they'd be going for dinner... then waited around some more... By the time we even got out of school it was like 8pm already... i was SOOOO disappointed... cuz that meant that mutton soup from bedok was out of the question already... but oh wells, decided to give techno another chance! AND THE "HUANG GUA" SOUP IS NICE>>>> :D 

There it happened... what was an innocent dinner turned into the biggest gossip session of the century... I get how dangerous it feels when people feel comfortable enough to talk about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I have this naggy uncomfortable feeling with me now... Haha, well really need to get that out... :D i feel better now but i learnt that some things have to be kept in the confidence of close close friends. :D haha... 

hahaha council minutes are calling at me... :( hahaha 

Jun. 15th, 2009

chicken babuseng.

i couldn't think of another name for this post, as it is highly random... :D 

i've been thinking, in all the things that have been happening around me, i felt that nowadays so often we tread the line between right and wrong that we're not so sure where that line lies anymore... 

find it for me...? kthnxbye. :D

May. 27th, 2009

post elections trauma!



Haha, today i have a huge chunk of work staring me in the face. It's really huge. But i think today feels like a "lepak-lepak in the room by yourself" kind of day so i decided to move onto the bed and make a blog post instead. People usually go home the very same day election results are released and blog but i'm doing it only few days after! :D hahaha i think i needed some rest after the whole running period... LOL but anyway since i have the chance now, here's a HUGE shoutout to:

Grace & Sabrina because your names are spelt "F-R-I-E-N-D-S-H-I-P" :D

Lala & Desmond because running with you guys was the most fun i've had in such a long while, love you guys!

Glenn (Taubenfeld) Yong cuz i know you hate late people but you still love meee!!! :D haha

Chrystal, Wyncy, VSC Yr 3s, Yvonne, Curly, Yiwen, Yan, Sam Goh, Shumei, Accion Peeps, Dorothy, VOS & Some Graduates
for the love, votes and advice! :D

thanks you for voting :D

Well, i dun think i'm reall good at putting it in words lah but i'm really really grateful for all who've been there for me, encouraging me and advising me... :D Everything that has led up to elections is really kudos to all these great peoplesss! :D Late night talks over maggie mee with grace and sabrina, even the little quarrels that we had amongst ourselves, i'm damn glad i did it because it's year three and though it was damn tough for many of us but it's something i'll remember for a long time to come :D haha

AH okay anyway since i'm too lazy to make a new picture i decided to just use an old one that i drew, so i just randomly picked one :D hahaha but yea it's still an expression of my thanks okay! :D haha

LOL anyway i'm currently highly emotional because interviews are so so emotional! (but still quite fun lah!) :( hahaha and you think it's hard for the intervieweessss, rejecting people is totally nt easy HOKAY! hahaha and plus the number of people compared to design school interviews is like dunno how many times more and like so means you have to reject so many more leh! And its just damn hard when you have to reject like ONE person in the whole group or when you see that one of your friends got rejected in a separate interview... LOL my brain very tired hahaha it's like it'll start steaming when interviews start LOL ... i shall draw that... someday... :D hahaha it's such a crazy psycho thing because nearly after every interview it's like we have a mini-debate session to discuss WHOS IN and WHOS NOT and sometimes it's really hard to tell... well, 1.5 more weeks of interviews to go... jia youuuu

Eric and Mallory and Wyncy and Larry are leaving for IRELAND tonight. Though i'm madly jealous i'd like to say that i'm going to miss them because hanging out it is going to be so lacking when they're gone... of course i dun really LEPAK with larry so i can't say i miss hanging out with him... LOL ANYWAY GOOD LUCK TO YOU GUYS AND HAVE FUN! :D

Ah, hokay time to sleep :D hahaha BIG DAY TMR :D


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